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Lyz [userpic]
by Lyz (age_b)
at December 17th, 2008 (12:26 am)

pink sungmin (7:57:11 PM):hey there. just added you.
pink sungmin (7:58:35 PM):oh.. so you're not online, mh?
sexyback hyuk went idle at 8:00:26 PM
sexyback hyuk came back from idle at 8:00:48 PM
sexyback hyuk (8:01:03 PM):i am sorry
sexyback hyuk (8:01:23 PM):just got me something to drink
pink sungmin (8:01:34 PM):oh. okay... mh. hey. ^^
sexyback hyuk (8:02:44 PM):hey. so why did you add me?
pink sungmin (8:03:34 PM):i read the texts you wrote in english over at the forum... and i was impressed.
pink sungmin (8:05:23 PM):i also left a comment.. i'm violinboy_lau
sexyback hyuk (8:07:39 PM):=D thank you! yes i remember your comment. i was alittlebit stressed in the last time so i had no time to reply. if i remember correctly you asked why my english is so good. i lived in canada.
pink sungmin (8:09:33 PM):oh really? in canada? i am from canada. ^^ recently we moved to korea... but i don't really like it here.
sexyback hyuk (8:10:07 PM):oh =( why don't you like it in korea? i mean canada is bigger but korea got some strong points doesn't it?
pink sungmin (8:10:45 PM):maybe it does... my problem might be that i do absolutely not speak korean at all..
pink sungmin (8:10:57 PM):i am chinese..
sexyback hyuk (8:11:16 PM):why did you move to korea then? and not china?
pink sungmin (8:13:52 PM):sorry, had to talk to my parents just now...
pink sungmin (8:15:24 PM):uhm.. i play the violin.. and my parents found this really renowned art and music school... mh..
sexyback hyuk (8:17:51 PM):oh so they moved to korea for you and now you hate it?
pink sungmin (8:18:26 PM):actually yes...
sexyback hyuk (8:19:18 PM):funny incident
pink sungmin (8:19:28 PM):not really... :/
sexyback hyuk (8:20:10 PM):i think it is funny. but okay.
sexyback hyuk (8:20:37 PM):so you are a genious and really good at playing violin?
pink sungmin (8:21:01 PM):i think i'm good.. but there's always someone better than yourself...
sexyback hyuk (8:21:47 PM):sure. but that's important for improving!
pink sungmin (8:22:53 PM):i am trying to get better... yes, i am... and maybe one day i'll be good enough to be successfull in canada... so i can return.
sexyback hyuk (8:24:49 PM):then i hope this for you too. i played a while ago but stopped. i was too bad.
pink sungmin (8:25:42 PM):well.. i don'
pink sungmin (8:25:53 PM):t believe you.. you couldn't be that bad... <3
pink sungmin (8:26:10 PM):ah.. sorry.. ^^ uhm.. i didn't want to.. put that... thing there... u__u
sexyback hyuk (8:27:11 PM):=D it's okay give me hearts i collect them. here i give you mine <3
pink sungmin (8:28:10 PM):oh..okay. keep it than.. <3
sexyback hyuk (8:28:45 PM):but still i don't understand why you read reports in english about suburban hip hop groups?
pink sungmin (8:29:24 PM):i just think it's interesting... and i'm happy to find english.. just... somewhere!
sexyback hyuk (8:30:05 PM):but the whole internet is full of english sides. when you don't like korea then why do you go on korean sides?
pink sungmin (8:30:32 PM):because it's where my classmates go and tell me to go.. they all want me to be korean..
sexyback hyuk (8:31:34 PM):maybe you should try to just be it.
pink sungmin (8:31:44 PM):but it's hard!
sexyback hyuk (8:31:45 PM):i think i have to go. sorry ttyl
sexyback hyuk (8:31:52 PM):it's not
pink sungmin (8:31:56 PM):ah... okay.. uhm.. well.. see you than.. i guess?
sexyback hyuk (8:31:57 PM):just try it
pink sungmin (8:32:08 PM):i will.. =}
sexyback hyuk (8:32:15 PM):good bye
pink sungmin (8:32:27 PM):bye...
sexyback hyuk signed off at 8:32:27 PM
pink sungmin (8:32:27 PM):bye...
sexyback hyuk signed on at 8:36:54 PM
pink sungmin (8:37:07 PM):hey. ^^
sexyback hyuk (8:37:37 PM):hey! still online?
pink sungmin (8:38:01 PM):yeah. what did you do? where were you?
sexyback hyuk (8:39:07 PM):i want out with my best friends. listend to music, drank some beer just hung out. it was nice.
pink sungmin (8:39:48 PM):sounds fun. ^^
sexyback hyuk (8:40:40 PM):it was. they are alittle bit crazy though :/
sexyback hyuk (8:40:45 PM):what did you do?
pink sungmin (8:41:21 PM):but you must like them!
i just talked to some people from canada... and that's all..
sexyback hyuk (8:43:09 PM):i really like them! and what did they tell you? did they miss you?
pink sungmin (8:44:05 PM):of course they miss me! talked about new music and artists and just everything.. school.. i miss school..
sexyback hyuk (8:44:37 PM):i miss school too =D what music artists do you like?
pink sungmin (8:45:52 PM):i like lots and lots of music.. i just listen to everything...
sexyback hyuk (8:46:22 PM):okay. something specific you enjoy really much recently?
pink sungmin (8:46:35 PM):uhm.. hip hop?
pink sungmin (8:47:27 PM):well.. and classic... but somehow i hate classic... weird thing..
sexyback hyuk (8:48:16 PM):i can understand that.
pink sungmin (8:48:51 PM):mhm...
pink sungmin (8:49:14 PM):okay... i might go to bed now... it's late and i have school tomorrow... i am sorry.
sexyback hyuk (8:49:50 PM):thats okay! i'm too. sleep well and have fun in school.
pink sungmin (8:50:06 PM):thank you...
sexyback hyuk (8:50:14 PM):good night
sexyback hyuk (8:51:22 PM):oh school's already over?
pink sungmin (8:51:44 PM):skipped PE... i don't need that... really.
sexyback hyuk (8:52:02 PM):so you're not the sportive type?
pink sungmin (8:52:35 PM):no, i am not.. i hate sports.. and especially showering afterwards.
sexyback hyuk (8:53:34 PM):why?
sexyback hyuk (8:53:40 PM):emberassed?
pink sungmin (8:54:14 PM):no! :o i just don't like it, okay?
sexyback hyuk (8:54:31 PM):okay =D so how was school today?
pink sungmin (8:55:22 PM):good. i had a conversation at lunch. that was amazing. and than i finally went home. ^^
sexyback hyuk (8:56:15 PM):a conversation about what? if i may ask?
pink sungmin (8:57:04 PM):if they could use my table after i was done... i said yes, got up and finished eating while i was alking.
sexyback hyuk (8:58:15 PM):D= you said you miss school in canada but you don't even try to make friends in korea?
pink sungmin (8:59:07 PM):how am i supposed to make friends if we don't understand each other? i'll go back one day.. so i don't care.
sexyback hyuk (9:00:31 PM):but if you try it maybe you could learn koran. it's never bad to learn a new language!
sexyback hyuk (9:00:53 PM):and when will that be when you get back? in 5 years or even later?
pink sungmin (9:01:45 PM):i already speak english, french and chinese... i don't need korean.. really...
and.. uhm.. maybe when i'm done with school.. i'll see...
sexyback hyuk (9:06:32 PM):okay. i think it could help and maybe if you try you can find some friends. friends are so important.
pink sungmin (9:07:41 PM):i will try... soon... i promise... and i'll go now.. sleep for a little while... see you later.
sexyback hyuk (9:08:05 PM):=( bye
sexyback hyuk went idle at 9:42:19 PM
sexyback hyuk came back from idle at 9:45:14 PM
pink sungmin (10:05:28 PM):hey there.. i'm back.
sexyback hyuk (10:05:47 PM):hey got alittle rest?
pink sungmin (10:06:41 PM):yes yes.. what did you do?
sexyback hyuk (10:07:43 PM):one of my friends visited me. he's still here so it can take some time till i answer ~
sexyback hyuk (10:08:50 PM):okay? don't you have to learn or do homework?
pink sungmin (10:09:33 PM):no. didn't get any homework today... so i can just talk and browse the internet.
sexyback hyuk (10:11:37 PM):okay =D that's great. go and find something interesting to read yeah?
pink sungmin (10:11:56 PM):i will.. so you, just talk when it's okay for your friend, k?
sexyback hyuk (10:13:49 PM):XD he sits infront of my tv and gushes over a dancer. so i have plenty of time
pink sungmin (10:14:31 PM):dancing is awesome. can you dance? i can only dance a little..
sexyback hyuk (10:15:57 PM):i do dance but i'm not so good at it. my friend is better than me, way better.
pink sungmin (10:17:40 PM):wow... see, dancing is the only kind of sport i actually like.
pink sungmin (10:17:51 PM):do you have many friends?
pink sungmin (10:18:17 PM):okay.. nevermind.. stupid question.. sorry!
sexyback hyuk (10:22:06 PM):i don't have many friends. just the three i talked about. so the two i went away with and the one who is here right now.
sexyback hyuk (10:22:19 PM):dancing is a awesome!
pink sungmin (10:23:27 PM):well three is enough i guess... i have this one friend i met online.. he's from china and he's okay... uhm.. yeah.. so i bascially have one friend. ha!
sexyback hyuk (10:24:48 PM):and he's chinese? you should find korean friends!
sexyback hyuk (10:25:01 PM):how did you meet him?
pink sungmin (10:25:06 PM):at least i have a friend...
sexyback hyuk (10:25:18 PM):yeah i know what you mean ...
pink sungmin (10:26:28 PM):like i said.. online.. he started pming me on our school's server.. he saw my name and was happy to talk to a fellow chinese. and yeah.. we barely meet though.. he's a little older than me..
sexyback hyuk (10:29:07 PM):oh okay. why don't you meet much at school? you could eat with him. and then you could make a friend. is his korean good?
pink sungmin (10:30:07 PM):we don't have lunch at the same time... and i think we are friends.. somehow.. and no it isn't... we're on the same level i guess.
sexyback hyuk (10:33:52 PM):why does your school accept people who can't speak a word korean? i don't understand that =(
sexyback hyuk (10:34:11 PM):anyways maybe you could meet him after school?
pink sungmin (10:34:47 PM):we had to take that test.. but it was writing only. and it's not too hard to learn for one big test and pass it.. u_u
pink sungmin (10:34:53 PM):maybe i will...
sexyback hyuk (10:35:24 PM):you should. oh hyukjae is screaming something from the livingroom brb
pink sungmin (10:35:55 PM):sure... i'll wait here..
sexyback hyuk (10:41:59 PM):hey i'm back
sexyback hyuk (10:42:02 PM):sorry
sexyback hyuk (10:42:10 PM):i thought he could pass out
pink sungmin (10:42:23 PM):it's okay, don't worry.. what happened though? fanboying too much?
sexyback hyuk (10:43:38 PM):yes. he is a really bad fanboy when it comes to b-boys
pink sungmin (10:44:05 PM):oh jeez... i can understand that... b-boys are awesome...
sexyback hyuk (10:45:01 PM):so you're a fanboy too?
pink sungmin (10:45:23 PM):not to the extreme.
sexyback hyuk (10:46:53 PM):that makes me happy.
sexyback hyuk (10:47:46 PM):it's really not good for your health to scream all the time
pink sungmin (10:48:09 PM):don't worry.. i'm pretty silent.. so yeah...
sexyback hyuk (10:50:40 PM):okay i'm too. i like to express my feelings in music. i write things
pink sungmin (10:51:24 PM):things like what>
sexyback hyuk (10:52:26 PM):like songs
pink sungmin (10:52:45 PM):like good songs?
sexyback hyuk (10:54:02 PM):no. =D i could send you something?
pink sungmin (10:54:13 PM):sure you can.
sexyback hyuk (10:56:29 PM):All causes and all effects.
No college shit necessary to acknowledge it.
Some call it love and some call it sex. opposites.
Call it what you want, but with one touch and you’re gone, so call in sick.
Human politics, from whispered hushes and distant crushes.
Mental fits breakin’ pencil tips and inkin’ brushes.
Simple rushes.
God creates man, and this is the devil’s finishing touches.
From dukes to duchesses and kings to queens.
From dust to dust, this is the sinful theme.
The scene for crack fiends and gun-packin’ teens
High on vaccines, magazines and saccharine.
From dukes to duchesses and kings to queens.
From dust to dust, this is the sinful theme.
The scene for crack fiends and gun-packin’ teens
High on vaccines, magazines and saccharine.
pink sungmin (10:57:48 PM):that is amazing!
pink sungmin (10:58:11 PM):seriously... that is good.. don't say it's bad.. wow...
sexyback hyuk (10:58:22 PM):i think it's decent
pink sungmin (10:58:57 PM):it's awesome!
sexyback hyuk (10:59:54 PM):no it isn't so are you going to record your playing and send it to me?
pink sungmin (11:00:32 PM):i might.. i didn't figure out how to record with this computer yet, but i will do it... <3
pink sungmin (11:00:47 PM):ah sorry... the heart again.
sexyback hyuk (11:00:52 PM):okay i'm looking forward to it
sexyback hyuk (11:00:58 PM):that's okay
pink sungmin (11:02:12 PM):yay. i will put much effort into it.. i promise!
sexyback hyuk (11:02:50 PM):oh .. he screams again. brb
pink sungmin (11:03:26 PM):sure thing... waiting..
sexyback hyuk (11:11:58 PM):okay i'm back
pink sungmin (11:12:12 PM):hey... fanboying again? ^^
sexyback hyuk (11:13:46 PM):no he tried to make food and burned himself at the oven
pink sungmin (11:14:12 PM):ah.. poor guy.. but you helped him? what a nice hyung he has. ^^
sexyback hyuk (11:14:55 PM):how did you know i was the hyung? and i mostly laughed at himand gave him some ice to cool the wound
pink sungmin (11:15:58 PM):just a guess. you still helped him somehow!
sexyback hyuk (11:17:16 PM):yes i did ... sometimes i care for my dongsaengs.
pink sungmin (11:18:15 PM):i don't have many dongsaengs... i'm pretty young i guess...
sexyback hyuk (11:18:32 PM):how young are you?
pink sungmin (11:19:44 PM):19 actually
sexyback hyuk (11:19:58 PM):OO oh god now i feel old
pink sungmin (11:20:24 PM):why? how old are you?
sexyback hyuk (11:20:34 PM):too old
pink sungmin (11:20:47 PM):how old exactly?
sexyback hyuk (11:21:09 PM):28 so i'm 9 years older than you!
pink sungmin (11:21:56 PM):you're not too old! you'd have been old if you were my parents age.. but you're not.. so it works!
sexyback hyuk (11:22:44 PM):what works?
pink sungmin (11:23:09 PM):well.. you're not old!
sexyback hyuk (11:23:26 PM):oh okay.
sexyback hyuk (11:23:35 PM):so what are you doing right now?
pink sungmin (11:24:08 PM):just talking to some people and watching TV... what about you?
sexyback hyuk (11:25:01 PM):people from canada?
sexyback hyuk (11:25:23 PM):mostly chatting with you and listening if my friend is about to kill himself.
sexyback hyuk (11:25:29 PM):oh! the phone rings
pink sungmin (11:25:46 PM):mostly... them and Mi.. that chinese dude i talked about...
pink sungmin (11:25:48 PM):lol? well.. go talk on the phone!
pink sungmin (11:26:12 PM):i'll go sneak some food real quick..
sexyback hyuk (11:26:23 PM):>.> i did it was the bf of hyukjae so hey i'm back
sexyback hyuk (11:26:27 PM):ah food!
pink sungmin (11:31:32 PM):he's gay?
sexyback hyuk (11:31:41 PM):yes
pink sungmin (11:32:07 PM):oh.. okay. ^^ uhm.. what did his bf want?
sexyback hyuk (11:33:38 PM):i don't know he just sometimes calls maybe to check that hyukjae still lives. they have a stange relationship
pink sungmin (11:34:05 PM):okay? but it works?
sexyback hyuk (11:34:34 PM):yes. somehow. no one knows why.
pink sungmin (11:35:00 PM):well.. as long as they know...
pink sungmin (11:35:10 PM):i never had a relationship...
sexyback hyuk (11:35:21 PM):i think they don't know ...
pink sungmin (11:35:57 PM):well that's weird actually.
sexyback hyuk (11:36:02 PM):never? i had one with a girl she was a awesome singer but then she got together with somebody else and we never talked again
sexyback hyuk (11:36:10 PM):i told you my friends are wird
pink sungmin (11:36:24 PM):they are indeed...
pink sungmin (11:36:44 PM):mh.. i pity you.. but maybe you're better off without her?
sexyback hyuk (11:37:07 PM):i think. but she was cute and she liked me =( sometimes i feel lonely
pink sungmin (11:38:16 PM):you shouldn't be lonely! you're writing is so good! full of feelings.. really.. if you showed them to more people you'd definitely find a girl!
sexyback hyuk (11:39:25 PM):uhm yeah .. hey listen i have to go. my mom just called ... bye bye
sexyback hyuk signed off at 11:39:47 PM
pink sungmin (11:39:49 PM):bye?
pink sungmin (11:39:49 PM):bye?
sexyback hyuk signed on at 11:40:12 PM
pink sungmin (11:40:35 PM):oh hey.. you're alive.. ^^
sexyback hyuk (11:40:46 PM):uh? yes sorry
sexyback hyuk (11:40:53 PM):i was busy
pink sungmin (11:41:30 PM):well.. that's okay. how are you? what have you been up to?
sexyback hyuk (11:42:10 PM):i'm fine thanks. how are you?
pink sungmin (11:42:49 PM):i'm fine.. haven't been to school today because i felt dizzy.. but i finally recorded something for you..
sexyback hyuk (11:43:01 PM):oh! send it to me
pink sungmin (11:43:10 PM):wait.
sexyback hyuk (11:43:13 PM):yes
pink sungmin (11:43:19 PM):(sent item lul)
sexyback hyuk (11:47:21 PM):it's amazing
pink sungmin (11:47:46 PM):i thought it might have killed you... it's not good... but better than my usual stuff..
sexyback hyuk (11:48:17 PM):noo you didnÄ
sexyback hyuk (11:48:28 PM):'t kill me i was just listening
sexyback hyuk (11:48:43 PM):it is really good. are you giving concerts?
pink sungmin (11:49:14 PM):sometimes yes.. with the the school band and orchestra...
sexyback hyuk (11:49:45 PM):is there one in the near future?
pink sungmin (11:50:32 PM):yes.. there's gonna be one in about two weeks. have to look it up again... but tickets are expansive.. and it's not even good..
sexyback hyuk (11:51:08 PM):hmm ... what do you mean by expensive
pink sungmin (11:52:03 PM):mh.. i'll look it up again and then tell you.. because i don't wanna give you wrong information.
sexyback hyuk (11:52:33 PM):would it be okay if i would watch it?
pink sungmin (11:52:42 PM):uhm..
pink sungmin (11:53:09 PM):sure.  it's your decision.
sexyback hyuk (11:54:46 PM):i think this would be creepy but i would like to hear you playing there
pink sungmin (11:56:02 PM):no problem.. i'll give you the address and everything... so yeah.. you can just go there, if you want to.
sexyback hyuk (11:56:44 PM):are you the only one who plays violin there?
pink sungmin (11:57:32 PM):no, there are a few... two of us have soli... so maybe you'll see.
sexyback hyuk (11:57:48 PM):oh okay.
sexyback hyuk (11:58:44 PM):(skip one day after the concert)
sexyback hyuk (11:58:49 PM):i was there
pink sungmin (11:58:58 PM):how did you like it?
sexyback hyuk (11:59:17 PM):it was awesome. you are henry lau?
pink sungmin (11:59:37 PM):yes.. yes, i am. so you saw me.. weird feeling...
sexyback hyuk (11:59:50 PM):yes i saw you.
sexyback hyuk (11:59:53 PM):i'm sorry
sexyback hyuk (11:59:58 PM):it was awesome
Wednesday, December 17, 2008
pink sungmin (12:00:27 AM):i'm glad you liked it. really.
sexyback hyuk (12:01:08 AM):i did alot.
sexyback hyuk (12:01:18 AM):maybe we could meet.
pink sungmin (12:01:32 AM):oh. okay? if you really want to.
sexyback hyuk (12:01:59 AM):i think this is even more creepy. but so you would know how i look as well
pink sungmin (12:02:33 AM):i think it would be nice to meet you.. so okay... when?
sexyback hyuk (12:03:17 AM):i normally have time. tell me when you got time. and do yu want to bring a friend?
pink sungmin (12:04:16 AM):we can meet tomorrow... i decided to skip PE again... so.. at 1pm?
sexyback hyuk (12:04:39 AM):one pm okay
sexyback hyuk (12:04:42 AM):where?
pink sungmin (12:05:32 AM):i don't know.. you say a place! i decided on the time already... i might bring Mi.. but i don't think so.
sexyback hyuk (12:06:14 AM):do it!
sexyback hyuk (12:06:22 AM):i could be a murderer or rapist
pink sungmin (12:06:42 AM):yeah sure... telling me all that... mhm..
pink sungmin (12:06:58 AM):but if you really are i hope you'll at least have fun raping me. ^^
sexyback hyuk (12:07:01 AM):mh. you know the shopping mall in the south? is it possible for you to get there?
pink sungmin (12:07:06 AM):because i think you are nice.
sexyback hyuk (12:07:17 AM):i could lie to you
pink sungmin (12:07:24 AM):'course.. it's not that far from my school...
pink sungmin (12:07:41 AM):oh.. so you're a really good liar. really.
sexyback hyuk (12:08:04 AM):i know just one of my many abilitys
sexyback hyuk (12:08:13 AM):i'll bring hyukjae i think
pink sungmin (12:08:40 AM):what? another one is raping little boys? bring him with you.. it's gonna be awkward though...
sexyback hyuk (12:09:06 AM):it's going to be awkward in any ways
pink sungmin (12:09:43 AM):i'll pretend not be excited now.
sexyback hyuk (12:09:57 AM):okay
sexyback hyuk (12:10:14 AM):by the way (i know you didn't ask) my name is daniel =)
pink sungmin (12:10:42 AM):daniel. okay. that sounds so familiar. ^^ i mean.. easy to say.
sexyback hyuk (12:11:13 AM):yeah i know XD my friends call me tablo
pink sungmin (12:12:24 AM):tablo? mh... works also.. okay... mh... i will go now.. i'll force myself to sleep.
pink sungmin (12:12:53 AM):good night, daniel. or tablo? mh... either way.. good night.
pink sungmin (12:12:59 AM):<3
sexybackhyuk (12:13:21 AM):good night henry
pink sungmin (12:14:41 AM):my heart is still pounding and.. wow... just wow..
sexyback hyuk (12:14:58 AM):yeah wow.
sexyback hyuk (12:15:17 AM):did you two get home good?
pink sungmin (12:15:44 AM):yeah... i dropped mi off at his place and went home... just came in.
sexyback hyuk (12:16:50 AM):me too. hyuk is still there
pink sungmin (12:17:14 AM):mh. so what are you two doing?
sexyback hyuk (12:17:31 AM):he's watching a movie and i just got online
pink sungmin (12:17:53 AM):mhm... yeah, here we are now... hey...
sexyback hyuk (12:18:05 AM):yeah?
pink sungmin (12:18:39 AM):i don't know what to say?
sexyback hyuk (12:18:56 AM):i enjoyed today
sexyback hyuk (12:19:32 AM):but you should learn korean
pink sungmin (12:19:58 AM):me too....ah... but you understood me! and eunyuks english wasn't too bad.
sexyback hyuk (12:21:07 AM):yeah but you should and answer me a question: does mi ever stop smiling?
pink sungmin (12:21:28 AM):but i do not intend to do so.... and no. never.
sexyback hyuk (12:22:02 AM):never? that's amazing.#
sexyback hyuk (12:22:38 AM):oh i think i have to bring hyuk home... you should go to bed
pink sungmin (12:23:09 AM):i never saw him without a smile.
pink sungmin (12:23:14 AM):well.. okay.
pink sungmin (12:23:18 AM):good night.
sexyback hyuk (12:23:34 AM):good night and sleep well
pink sungmin (12:23:45 AM):you too....
sexyback hyuk signed off at 12:23:59 AM

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by thepoison_sky (thepoison_sky)
at December 3rd, 2008 (11:46 am)

ui ui ui ~ schreib mir wenn du da bist ~

thepoison_sky [userpic]
by thepoison_sky (thepoison_sky)
at November 22nd, 2008 (05:30 pm)

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